When Guacamole Goes Wrong

First of all I will confess that I don’t like cooking. It’s not something that interests me. Yeah, there are a few things I do know how to do but that’s because I love to eat it. These are a few Guatemalan dishes that are not hard to make and of course some salads . I don’t always get to enjoy my comfort food since Mark is the cook in this  family and we tend to eat more Filipino food, but I’m not complaining. However I am trying to give cooking a try. You know, baby steps. I just hope I don’t burn my house down.

But the reason for this post is the following. I know how to do guacamole. My dad taught me and it became second nature to me (or so that’s what I thought) but a little over two months ago I tried prepping the guacamole using the Ninja, usually I do it the old-fashioned way–by hand. But on this particular day it didn’t go as plan.  In other words, my guacamole sucked!

It wasn’t the best of experiences. My dad and Mark’s good friend were visiting that day so definitely not the best day to screw up. Not the best day to try to fix something I knew by heart. It was rather an embarrassing experience for me and after that day I stopped making guacamole, that is until yesterday.

Mark made quesadillas for dinner and I thought guacamole would be a good side dish. But as I was prepping it and as I tried to seasoning it, the guacamole did not taste as good as it did months before. It’s as if I had forgotten how to make it!

Can people forget how to cook dishes, snacks, dips, etc? Is that even possible?!

Mark tells me I need to stick to a recipe and well I might just have to because apparently I forgot how to make guacamole!


And this is why I dislike cooking…


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