Oh, Yum!

It is Wednesday! The middle of the week. Yet for some reason, I’ve been thinking it to be Thursday or Friday.

Just one of those days I suppose.

Well, yesterday I finally cooked a cauliflower we bought over the weekend. Good timing too! It was in the last few days before spoiling.

I love cauliflower and wanted to try something new, so I went to Pinterest!

I’m addicted to that website!

Anyhoo, this is what I did.


I must be frank, it didn’t come out as the picture (lol), but I will do it again. It won’t hurt to give it another go. Only this time I will be using the right pan to bake. I believe that was my mistake. Alas, I am no good cook.

But I do love veggies.

So, good luck to me!

And to you too, if you give this a try of course

As for pictures, maybe next time. When it comes out right.

To be frank, the dish didn’t look nice, for lack of better terms.


Until Next Time


***I just finished writing another prose so I am guessing I am still in that writing rhythm as the end of this post started to resemble that.


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