A Day at the Beach

I decided to share something different this week 🙂

I know the east coast if full of snow and all but here in So Cal it was going to be on the 90s this weekend and it was Mark’s birthday weekend too.

So we decided to spend Saturday at the beach!

Rosie’s Dog Beach that is.

It’s a really nice play to just chill and relax with your dog. And every time we would see a family with their dog we would usually point and say, “Hey, that’s going to be us soon.”

Now that we are expecting, we are looking at everything from a different perspective. One that includes our family dog, Lulu.

So of course it’s nice when I see moms with their babies and their dogs at a beach because I know that’s going to be us soon.

And boy it will be soon! I can’t believe I am 22 weeks already! ACK!


Do you include your family pet in outings?


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