Of Poop And Snot

There are things that change when one becomes a mommy.

And worrying about poop and boogers are just two of a very long list.

Before I had Noah I didn’t have to worry about how many times one has a bowel movement or the fact that I need to clean boogers at any cost of a nose.

Seriously… who worries about that?

It turns out that moms do.

Because I am pumping and supplementing with formula I have become aware that he may not poop as usual. By this I mean going without pooping for 24 hours! This of course happens when introducing formula or when switching formulas.

Of course me being new to this I didn’t know and freaked out. I even called his doctor!

The funny thing that came out of this…

Mark and I will cheer him on when he poops, haha! (You know you do this too ūüėČ ).


Nobody talks about them.

We all have them.

But when it comes to babies we need to find ways to deal with them because our babies don’t like them!

I for one use Nosefrida, which I definitely recommend. I love it!

Nosefrida; worth getting

Nosefrida; worth getting

Kind of crazy that I love it, even if the only way to use it is through a sucking motion.


I suck out my son’s boogers and I am okay with it.

It’s kind of crazy

But my priorities have shifted since becoming a mom

Since you know, I worry about poop and snot now


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