2-Months 1 Week and Counting

This is insane! He’s growing up too fast!

He got his shots last Thursday (what a trooper he was) and boy was he clingy. But you know, it’s okay. He’s my baby and this was a new experience for him. Luckily for us two Mark took the day off to be with his little man and boy did it come in handy.

It took him two days to recover but as of yesterday he was back to normal :).

My baby is growing up, guys.

And time still won’t slow down.

Provided by Babycenter

Your baby can tell the difference between familiar voices and other sounds, and he’s becoming a better listener. He can also show you that he’s in tune with his environment. Notice how he looks to see where certain noises are coming from.

An ongoing conversation (although seemingly one-sided) can help your baby develop his sense of place. He may even watch your mouth as you talk, fascinated by how it all works. You’ll be amazed by his ability to communicate with a growing repertory of coos (musical, vowel-like sounds), smiles, and unique cries to express his different needs.

Not much different from last week but on the dot.

He knows when mommy and daddy speak to him, which has made Mark elated since he is finally slowly connecting with him

And we know how much dads want that :).

Happy 2-Months and 1 week, Noah!

DSCN0024 (1)


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