#FamilyFest 2015

DSC_0131_Fotor EDITED                                          So this past Sunday Mark, Noah, and myself were invited to Club MomMe’s family fest.

As this was our first time there I had one thing to say, “It was great!”

Club MomMe thought of everything.

They had a changing and breastfeeding station.DSC_0132_Fotor EDITed

A play area for the kiddos and a lot of activities for them.

CYMERA_20151109_135355_Fotor EDITED

There was even a pampering station for mom! Well, hello there!

CYMERA_20151109_135553_Fotor EDITED

Of course I couldn’t say no to that.

DSC_0137_Fotor EDITED

There were so many booths as well and believe me, the representatives to those booths were friendly, patient, and happy to answer any question you had for them.

DSC_0136_Fotor EDITED

And you know what was awesome?

All the free goodies and samples. I am not going to lie. Mark and I tried so many yummy goodies on Sunday.

We had a blast and we do look forward to going back when Noah is older so that he can walk around and maybe even dance with other kids.

DSC_0138_Fotor EDITED

And even Mark saw a celebrity or two. I told him to go say, “Hello.” But he was just too shy…So I took a picture of Mark instead ;).

CYMERA_20151109_135321_Fotor EDITED

On a random note, did you know that Chicco is pronounced “kee-ko” and not ‘ch-i-ko.’ It must be a European thing. 😉

Until Next Time!


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