Our Trip To Discovery Cube

Okay, I’ve been itching to go visit Discovery Cube L.A for a while and we finally went yesterday.


I’ll be honest is not that big but there’s a lot of hands on activities for the kids. Of course if you have a little one, a very little one, chances are you might come and go in less than an hour.

Yeah, our trip was short but Noah enjoyed it. He was mesmerized by everything that was happening and was definitely into their Helicopter Tour exhibit.

Quite frankly I thought he would freak out or cry, but he was a lot more curious. He was looking at his surroundings and at the screen for most of the time that after we were finished with that exhibit he knocked out.

We did get pennies pressed!


DSC_0259 (1)

These two exhibits interested him the most

2 pennies for $1. I think that’s a great souvenir. I hope to collect pressed pennies for all trips that we take. It would be  a great thing to look back at!

For those of you who would like to go they have a promotion going on; buy the tickets online for only $10. Not to shabby.





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